The Collision Shop Warren - FAQ

Auto Body Repair

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have my vehicle repaired somewhere other than the dealership, will it void my warranty?

Absolutely not! We make undetectable repairs to your vehicle and because of this we can offer a Lifetime Warranty at all of our repair centers. Warranty is covered by each individual location.

My insurance company recommended another repair facility to do the repairs to my vehicle, can I chose my own repair facility?

Some insurance companies may recommend a particular repair facility for your repairs. The reason is, that your insurance company would receive discounts or kickbacks for your referral. By Michigan State Law, you have the right to chose your own repair facility. At The Collision Shop we offer these discounts to the customers in the form of deductible savings or a free loaner vehicle; as opposed to giving these discounts back to the insurance company.

How does your Deductible & Free Loaner Program work?

Your deductible savings is determined by the dollar amount of the repair. Historically we have been able to save our customer their entire deductible amount, but we will first need to look at the vehicle and do a free estimate to determine your exact deductible savings, or, the amount that can be applied towards a free loaner vehicle.

With so much damage to my vehicle, will my vehicle every be right again?

We repair all vehicles to pre-accident condition, returning them to manufacturers specifications. The vehicle is then refinished with a factory package paint, this is the same paint that is used by the original manufacturer, this way we are able to assure the same color, quality and texture as the original paint.

My insurance company wants to Total my vehicle, but I still owe more on the vehicle than what they are willing to settle on my claim. What are my options?

This happens when a customer is “Up Side Down” in their loan, to the value, of their vehicle. In this case, the customer can be paid off for the damage to the vehicle and then repurchase the vehicle back from their insurance company. We repair many vehicles for customers in this particular case, usually at a savings to the customer. Obviously each case is different. Ask one of our repair centers for further details, we are experts at these types of repairs.